Matériel Inc.!

Entreprise fièrement Québécoise - Quebec proud business

About us, Matériel Inc.


The definition of Nadeart,

Nadeart     Nad is the artists' name

Nadeart     The e is e-Commerce or on line commerce

Nadeart     For "art"


Hello, I am Aline Plante, the woman behind Matériel Inc. and the artist Nad.

Ever since my sweet childhood, I have always been creative and full of ideas.


My art’s very beginning involved oil medium, the smell in my apartment was shall we say uncomfortable and tenacious, thus I migrated quite naturally towards water colors. I was very fortunate to have very creative teachers who managed to preserve their student’s identity and styles, including mine.


When it comes to my preference with water colors, it is to obtain vibrant textures, which then permit to effect inspired and amusing emergence's. People who know me, will tell you that I create a lot of backgrounds, those will be used in future projects, on occasion much later, years even.


For those of you that say you are scared of water colors, my answer is, it’s only a piece of paper, so hop to it and jump right in!


My greatest supporter was my husband Brian. He believed  in me and my art, the natural evolution of that belief was to start our arts boutique. The physical store opened in November 2012. Now with my brother’s invaluable help, our on-line store and web site are now available. Shall we say that many hours of fun were involved!

Please enjoy Nad’s world!

For all your printing needs be it business cards,  greeting cards,

publicity leaflets or boards, postal cards, and reproductions on canvas